Our History

The Shrewsbury Woman’s Club was organized in 1904 with thirty-one charter members and is a fine example of early twentieth-century women coming together as a positive influence in improving the lives of others.

Its objective was and is to promote the development of cultural interests among its members as well as to promote the advancement of civic, philanthropic, and educational needs of the community.

During the early years, the Club was a member of both the Woman’s Club State and (national) General Federations. In 1996, the Club withdrew from both federations.

Historically, the Club has focused upon the needs of the time.  Initially, civic responsibility led to fundraising and contributions for: The Legion Milk Fund; the District Nursing Society; the Veterans’ Service; the Junior Prize Speaking Contest; the Braille Press; and many others.

Major world wars redirected the Club’s efforts. During WWI, it devoted meeting time to sewing and knitting for the Red Cross and the American Fund for French Wounded.

During WWII:

  • The club’s knitting and sewing efforts were donated to the War Relief Headquarters in Boston.
  • Funds were raised (whist parties, dances, concerts, bake sales and raffles) and appropriated to the Red Cross, Civil Defense and War Relief.
  • Three war orphans were “adopted” and supported for the duration of the war.
  • Members volunteered significant hours toward Civil Defense.
  • Christmas gifts were sent annually to Camp Devens’ servicemen, and soldiers were invited to spend Christmas Holidays with members and their families.
  • Two Government Bond and Stamp Drives resulted in total sales of $98,321.00

Scholarship awards have been a major focus of the Shrewsbury Woman’s Club since 1927. What started as a loan to a worthy SHS senior grew to a $50.00 grant in 1938, which then grew to five $500.00 scholarships in 1984. In recent years, award amounts have varied from $500.00 to $1,000.00.

Following WWII, the Club attended to the betterment of the Shrewsbury community.  Examples include:

  • In 1975, a donation of $27,000.00 was given to The Trustees of the Shrewsbury Public Library toward the purchase of a Bookmobile. This amount was accomplished by a series of Country Fairs on the town common and Dean Park from 1958-62 and accumulated interest on proceeds.
  • Fundraising from 1976-83 resulted in donations to the Children’s Room at the town library; money to the Historical Society toward the restoration of the Old Red Brick Schoolhouse; a tape recorder to Shrewsbury Junior High School; air bags, video equipment, a projector and slide carousel to the Fire Department Rescue Squad.

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